January 4, 2023

TI Workbench Manual

Tips and Hints

Table of Contents

  1. General
    1. What is it?
    2. What you need
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
    3. Menu Bar
      1. Apple Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. Layout Menu
      5. Window Menu
      6. Misc-Option Menu
      7. other Option Menus
    4. Miscellaneous
      1. Copy Protection
      2. slide text edit
      3. drag and drop operation
      4. file open
      5. Log Window
      6. Layout window
      7. Labnote window/file
      8. Online Help
      9. AppleScript support
      10. Optional Key operations
      11. Voice recognition
      12. Terminology
      13. Reference
  2. Imaging
    1. Concepts
      1. Data Structure
      2. Time Course Plotting
      3. Background Subtraction
      4. Overlay Image
      5. Linking A/D Data
      6. Synchronization
    2. Data Acquisition (on-line)
      1. Full Frame
      2. Sub-Register
      3. Multi ROI
      4. Each Frame
      5. Segment
      6. Filter (optical)
      7. Segments
      8. Take Background
      9. Camera Configuration
      10. Linking with Electrical Recording
      11. exp set
    3. Browsing Data (off-line)
      1. File I/O
      2. Image Browser Dialog
      3. Image Window
      4. ROI Manipulation and Time Course Plot Windows
        • Segment Plot
        • Time Course Plot Window
      5. Image-Option Menu (Global)
      6. Image Option Menu (Local)
        1. Average, Bleach, Autofluorescence...
        2. Ratio and [Ca] parameters...
        3. ROI
          duplicate active ROI
          find active ROI
          clear all ROIs
          edit ROI...
          ROI is Oval
          ROI color...
          halt automatic plot update
          automatic ROI set by watershed
          Track Particle
        4. Mirror image
        5. Overlay and Linking...
        6. Correct Gap between F1&F2...
        7. Open Reference [full frame] Image...
        8. Mask...
        9. Analyze
          Math between 2 images...
          corss-mask between 2 wave length pair...
          Fourier Transform filter...
          Line Compress...
          FRAP analysis
          line FRAP analysis
          correlation of two images...
          Particle tracker...
          QDot tracker...
          watershed segmentation
          cluster analysis...
        10. 3D

          3D View of a 2D image...
          3D View of Z reconstruction...
          3D View of Time Stack...
          3D View of Image stack...
          3D View in Igor
          PSF (point spread function) fitting...
          Create a Z-compressed image
          Particle Analysis 3D...
          Deconvolution 3D...
        11. sparse image
        12. Plot
        13. Scale...
        14. Rotate...
        15. Make a floating point pixel Image
        16. Divide into F1/F2
        17. Histogram
        18. Change Frame Interval...
        19. Rotate and Shift following frames
        20. Overlay previous frame in red
      7. Data Manipulation
        1. Analyze Data Dialog
        2. Filter Functions (Digital)
        3. 3D Display
        4. particle tracking / QDot tracker
        5. Line Compression
        6. Fit Plane
    4. QuickTime Video Digitizer
  3. Electrophysiology
    1. Data Acquisition (on-line)
      1. Oscillo Panel
      2. Stimulator
    2. Browsing Data (off line)
      1. File I/O
        1. File Open / Close
        2. Export to Igor
        3. Import from Igor
      2. A/D Browser Dialog
      3. AD-Option Menu
      4. Peak Detection
      5. Peak Plotting
  4. Event Detection
    1. Event Detection Panel
    2. Event Detection Information Panel
    3. Event Ensemble Analysis
  5. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
  6. Appendix
    1. Special features for Scion LG3

Program and Manual written by


Takafumi Inoue, M.D., Ph.D.


Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
TWIns, 2-2 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo-162-8480, Japan
phone: +81-3-5369-7328
email: inoue.t@waseda.jp


The author thanks Dr. Lucas Pozzo-Miller for his revision of this manual.

How to cite

  Please cite: Takafumi Inoue, "TI Workbench, an integrated software package for electrophysiology and imaging", Microscopy, 67:129-143 (2018), doi:10.1093/jmicro/dfy015 (article free access of the publisher is found here).

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