Waseda Bioscience Research Institute in Singapore (WABIOS), Waseda University

   WABIOS is located in Biopolis, the bioscience center of Singapore.  A small but potent research group of Waseda Univ carries out researches in biophysics and microscopic imaging technologies as well as serving as a bridge between Waseda Univ and  academic and industrial research institutes in Singapore.

Shin'ichi ISHIWATA, PhD
Director, WABIOS, Waseda Univ
Prof, Faculty Sci & Eng, Waseda Univ
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Prof, Faculty Sci & Eng, Waseda Univ
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Applied chemistry
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Principal Investigator, WABIOS, Waseda Univ
  • Development of fluorescent probes based on GFP
  • Generation of fluorescent protein with unique properties
GFP, fluorescence imaging, confocal microscope, FRET imaging, calcium, cAMP, ATP, luciferase, bioluminescence
Madoka SUZUKI, PhD
Principal Investigator, WABIOS, Waseda Univ
  • Structural and functional reconstruction and molecular mechanism of muscle contractile system
  • Force measurement and functional analysis of molecular motors in vivo and in vitro
  • Thermal activation and temperature measurement of single living cells
A-band motility assay system (Bio-nanomuscle), actin, biophysics, cellular thermophysiology, cellular thermodynamics, fluorescence imaging, microscopic heat pulse, microheater, microthermometer, microtubule, molecular motor, muscle contraction, myosin, nanothermometer, optical microscopy, optical tweezers, physical biology, single cell